SoulHealing - Intro Session


SoulHealing - Intro Session


SoulHealing®  (3 HR) sessions are private intuitive healing sessions birthed out of Parashakti's apprenticeships with her Native American Elders.

SoulHealing® is a pathway for discovering the soul’s deeper meanings & life's mission.

The process involves one-on-one spiritual counseling, hands-on healing, breath work, & a sacred path card reading based in Native American wisdom teachings. It's an integrative approach to release old patterns, thoughts & addictions & to awaken the human spirit.

We create a sacred space for clients to explore a liberating sense of self-awareness, wholeness & joy. Clients learn the skills needed to develop & harness a daily dedicated spiritual practice.

* Sessions over the phone will be broken up into three 1 HR sessions 

*Sessions in person will be broken up into 1.5 HR each session 

*If clients are visiting from out of town, you will meet with Parashakti for one 3 HR session

* If clients reside in LA or New York City, they receive two Ecstatic Dance LA classes (LA) or two Dance of Liberation classes (NYC) as a part of the program. 

* Processing Fee is included in this price

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