DOL Collaborators

"I have worked closely with Parashakti for over IO years in my role as Staff Programs Manager at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, bringing her to work with our staff. Parashakti has facilitated numerous transformational healing workshops and also offered hundreds one on one personal healings at Omega Institute. Her work is transformational, and she knows how to help an individual get to the root core of their issue, using techniques that are ancient and modern, weaving together sacred power with practical insight. As a healer myself, and as one who is exposed to hundreds of healers and workshop presenters each year, I can honestly say that Parashakti is among the best. I have the highest regard for her work, her passion, and her dedication. That is why she is one of the few healers who I invite to Omega Institute year after year. The quality of her work has not only touched my own life profoundly, but I have seen it transform the lives of many of the staff at Omega lnstitute. 

I have also at times sought our Parashakti's gifts for my own personal counsel, and each time she has offered amazing insights and specific healing techniques that have brought me deeper into a place of emotional and spiritual freedom. I know her work both personally and professionally, and hold her in the highest regard as a healer and presenter. She knows how to create a space that is safe and sacred, and which allows the individual the freedom to organically arrive at a place of true empowerment."

Brett Bevell, Staff Programs Manager at Omega Institute

"We're honored to have Parashakti as a resident facilitator and practitioner with us since early 2015. Her workshops, ceremonies and counseling at our events consistently provide powerful moments of healing and breakthroughs for all that come into contact with her teachings and presence. Her ability to create a nurturing and safe yet transformative space is an admirable gift that she holds. Her vast experience, wisdom and tools enable her to seamlessly transition from working with large groups to providing highly effective 1-on-1 treatments. Parashakti’s attention to detail and professionalism is exemplary, and it is clear that her work springs from a deep place of compassion and desire to help others find health and harmony within themselves. Her passion and commitment to her work is emphatic and lifts those around her, including those working with her. She has the ability to bring depth and substance to any project or environment, and is always incredibly intuitive and astute in her creative input. 

Parashakti has a wide influence on our event and community through several modalities including her Dance of Liberation workshops, her spoken word at ceremonies, her written word for online material, and also her ongoing availability for counseling and support to those in need. We consistently receive the highest praises for her work and know we can count on her even in the most testing of situations. She is a leader by nature, a pleasure and joy to work with, and her level of contribution is always above and beyond any expectation."

Robin Parrish and Atasiea, Kenneth L. Ferguson, Co-Founders, Ecstatic Dance LA

As the co founder and producer of the annual Zen Cruise and also founder of the yoga community of Florida, I have worked closely with Parashakti. Along with her her transformational DOL events she also gives support and guidance to all the participants and staff for the entire duration of the zen cruise! Parashakti is a well loved and trusted leader of healing and transformation to all on the zen cruise and also the south Florida wellness communities. In the years that I have known and worked with Parashakti, I have developed enduring respect for both her hard work ethic and gift to heal."

Lisa Pumper, Co-Founder & Producer, The Zen Cruise

DOL Students & CLIENTS

"I am so full of gratitude for Parashakti's creation, mentorship and spiritual community she has built. Dance of Liberation teacher training surpassed all my expectations. The 4 modules have been a journey of initiation and was one of the most profound, touching, healing, holy, heartfelt experiences of my life." 

"I've been in and out of 14 treatment centers, I have experienced "highs" and "healings" from many renowned teachers and leaders, only to regress back to my old addictions and behaviors. I couldn't have kept my sobriety without my SoulHealing sessions with Parashakti. She is a true master whose pure unconditional love, insight and healing helped to create miraculous transformations in my life. Through Dance of Liberation I reconnected with my body and my authentic movement. Through working with Parashakti I have a daily spiritual practice that brings out my true essence and light."  

“I started working with Parashakti one on one and attending Dance of Liberation workshops at a time when I felt my life had been taken off course and I was trying rediscover what my mission was. Through Parashakti's 5 month Birthing the Shaman Within teacher training program, immersing myself in living the 7 foundations of DOL, I found the framework and tools to have the courage to change my career." 

“Parashakti is masterful at involving trust through the Goddess.”

“What I’ve experienced is life-changing and transforming. Where I felt separated within myself, I feel more connected.”

“This is the most powerful work I’ve done. I feel present in my body and show up with more of me.”

“How I see the world and my place in it is with a greater sense of wholeness drawing to me. I have eternal gratitude. Parashakti gave me years on my life. This work takes compelling commitment.”

“Every session has brought growth, courage to take a step with confidence, courage to be vulnerable, courage to let my patterns go, courage to let my energy join with others’ energy, the universal energy.”

“Parashakti communicates well & that makes it easier to relax and trust the process. The level of care and nurturing helped me to open, relax and allow. There was great flow to the workshop and it was very well organized.”

“Dance of Liberation is a dance of peace, and has introduced me to my spirit – all over again, brand new, unveiled, supported yet soaring free yet protected, light and dark.”