SolFlo & DOL

Tuesday 7:00-8:30pm




SolFlo is a fun, transformative and inspiring yoga that integrates elements of Kundalini yoga, Breath-work, astrology, sound-healing, meditation and more to rejuvenate, balance and empower students on and off the mat.

The “SOL”/Sun/Electricity experience is meant to align one with their core. The core aka “central sun” lies within the solar plexus at the naval and is a complex set of nerve endings where life begins. Transformative yoga and Powerful Breath-work will activate this life force allowing it to travel through the rivers of the nervous system from the naval to the higher chakras expanding into the electro-magnetic field or aura. Deep Meditation, Soundscape and Savasana create the experience of “FLO”/Moon/Water to open up higher states of consciousness and intuition at the third eye/pituitary gland. By activating this master gland, all other glands join in concert allowing the fluids of the body to circulate, flow and secrete efficiently. SolFlo themes will attune the body to the flow of light that lives within, as well as the cycles and seasons of the lights that guide, the sun and the moon.

Dance of Liberation
The Dance of Liberation is a unique form of movement therapy that heals and frees physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blockages. DOL incorporates dance, contemporary shamanism, hands on healing, drumming and global music, this powerful and beautiful soul work sheds inhibitions and heightens inner awareness in a safe and carefully monitored group setting, dancers are blindfolded in the shamanic tradition and step beyond their conscious fears and limitations and allow their innermost creative sides to break free. Dancers tune in to sound and movement to take an inner journey exploring a trancelike state of self-discovery and self-realization.