Hearing the Call of Wild Woman

The new yearhas arrived and I am sure I am not the only one feelinga freshness, a crispness, an aliveness. There seems to be a collective energy propelling new things into motion in these beginning days of 2016. Do you feel it?

Saturday at Wanderlust Hollywood was my initiation as a Gatekeeper for Dance Of Liberation. Spirit sent the call that it was my time now to step up and awaken the teacher within me. When Parashakti offered this invitation to me to Gatekeep, to hold space for others in the Dance at Wanderlust, it was like my whole body said yes! That little girl inside me, the one that doesn’t feel safe to open up and share my gifts with the world, stepped aside in that moment.

In this journey I have been on as a DOL apprentice, supported by Parashakti, Spirit, and the dance, I have begun to step into the power of Wild Woman. Wild Woman, an archetype I was introduced to through the writings of Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D in her book, Women Who Run With the Wolves, is ageless, timeless, limitless. Wild Woman guides by intuition to inner landscapes lush and fertile with magic. As I am nourishing the Wild Woman in me, who is me and so much bigger than me, I can hold my little girl insideand let her know that she is, that I am,  safe and protected to be in the worldexactly as I am, Divinely flawed and whole.

By answering Spirit’s call that day and stepping up as Gatekeeper, I learned that all my stories about inadequacy that my ego has had on repeat for the longest time are just that, stories! Being of service as a gatekeeper liberated me in that dance from those stories. Stepping outside our small selves, we can all become vessels, hollow bones, and allow our innate giftsto flow freely.


When I dance in this sacred way I feel as though I am tapping into an unlimited wellspring of life. This energy fills me with such abundance and joy. I am not lacking in anything, all is provided. But, when I leave the dance floor and go on with the rest of my day, I often experience scarcity, the fear of not having enough. It feels like a hollow pit in my stomach that cannot be filled no matter how hard I grasp for external comfort. So, I have been pondering how to bring this feeling of abundance off the dance floor and into the rest of my life.

Being of service as a gatekeeper lifted this veil for me where I realized how important it is to give in order to receive. Reciprocity. This concept is so contrary to many of the messages we receive all around us from the society we live in. Being of service allows us to shift from a place of scarcity, from “what am I getting out of this?”, to a place of abundance, “what can I offer?”. By surrendering to a grander power, a bigger picture, whatever you want to call it, allows us to move through the world with less fear and greater love. When we are being love, we are abundant, there is more than enough to go around. Love is like a flame, it does not diminish when we share it, it only burns brighter and hotter the more we give it out.

I feel grateful and honored for the gift of service I received this week. May we all be blessed in this new year to surrender to greater love.

Margot S.