The Dance Continues

Wow! Sunday was the third day of my Dance of Liberation immersion weekend where I danced with theEcstatic Dance LA community. The name says it all- a truly ecstatic experience! I am filled with joy to have shared this dance with such a vibrant community.

The dance began in a circle as we meditated on our intentions for this Winter Solstice dance.

What can we let go of this year? What do you want to call in to your life this year?

The circle felt ancient and timeless-reminding me of the sacredWinter Solstice tradition honored by communities all over world as a time to gather together around the fire.

The music picked us up off of the floor and as a community we began to move.The beat picked up and the energy in the room became electric as we danced, sweating our prayers. Building the fire in our hearts to illuminate the longest night of the year and the path towards greater clarity, greater creativity, greater love in the new year almost upon us.

I called in the energy of Kali- the goddess of time, creation, change, destruction, and empowerment-  that I had met in myself just two days ago during the vision quest with Parashakti.This energy was moving me, moving through me. Graceful and strong, without hesitation I danced through the room. As the music built, the fire inside me grew bigger, hotter. I felt masks of self consciousness melt away as I moved through the room, fiercely free.

The music begins to slow and settle into stillness.

Stillness is so vulnerable for me. So often when I am still, my body and mind fill with anxiety. I have told myself a story for too long that if I stand still and let the world see me, raw and unfiltered,  the world will reject me. This of course is only a story but when we continue to tell ourselves these stories, they become our reality. I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a new story, a new reality. One that is limitless, expansive, filled with love and creative passion.

When I felt the music slow, the stillness arrive- I felt as though I was standing on the edge of a cliff. I could step back and hide in my habitual patterns, my old story, or I could jump off that cliff and soar! Calling on my new spirit guide, fierce Kali, I relaxed into the stillness of the dance. Closing my eyes, feeling my feet rooted, I breathed in inner strength, I built my fire.

I opened my eyes and there was a lovely pair of eyes looking back at me, inviting me to dance. Usually, I would awkwardly avoid eye contact and move away to dance elsewhere, or suffer through a few minutes of dancing with someone but spend the entire time in my head and out of my body.  Not today! I jumped off the cliff and into a new reality. In this reality, in this dance, I was embodied. I felt proud to show this new dance partner who I am. My movements felt authentic and alive and it was actually a lot of fun!

I am in awe of this process I have been experiencing as a Dance of Liberation apprentice with Parashakti. What I thought would be years and years of an uphill climb to self actualization is happening at lightening speeds. Utilizing these modalities Parashakti is lovingly guiding me through- dance, kundalini yoga, shamanic healing, and more- is helping me release so much, making space for new ways of being, more honest ways of being.