Dance of Liberation Film

Dance of Liberation vividly captures the moving emotional and spiritual journey of one of today’s most gifted shamanic healers, native Jerusalemite Sigalit Bat Haim. Born with severe learning disabilities and raised by her mother after her father left the family in search of his own spiritual destiny, Sigalit found her deepest source of self-expression through dance until a debilitating injury interrupted her dream. She turned to yoga. Dedicated practice and living in Ashrams led to her spiritual rebirth as Parashakti, over a decade of study and ceremonial service with Native American elders, and the creation of her own life-changing healing practice, the Dance of Liberation, which she successfully led around the world. The anguish of her own divorce re-opened her childhood wounds. In search of her own spiritual and emotional healing, she travels to Israel to find love and mutual acceptance with her long-estranged, mystically-oriented father, who lives in a remote religious village on the outskirts of Jerusalem with his now wife and seven children.