Sacred Space is created through a traditional sage-smudging ceremony, sacred music, and Parashakti’s leadership. She guides participants into both the Setting of their own Intention(s) for the Dance and their sharing that intention with a “Spirit Buddy,” a way of encouraging communication, interaction, and mutual understanding.

Through Conscious Breathing, participants then become aware how the breathing process itself both physically and metaphorically can support spiritual change and new beginnings. Parashakti then introduces the dancers to the significance of the blindfold: how Wearing the Blindfold is part of ancient spiritual practices, how it frees all participants from the “judging eye” of others and, most important of all, how it facilitates the dancer’s focus on their own inner journey. The invitation is that participants must keep the blindfold on until guidance is given to remove it.

The Music and the Dance itself now begin, with each participant moving in accord with their inner rhythm, their inner voice, the call of their own body. Participants become newly attuned to possibilities and potentials within their own being and, in so many cases, move through heretofore-blocked areas of self. It becomes evident during the Returning Home that a revitalized sense of energy and a sense of serenity suffuse the room – along with the beaming faces of the Dancers.