"I am so full of gratitude for Parashakti's creation, mentorship and spiritual community she has built. Dance of Liberation teacher training surpassed all my expectations. The 4 modules have been a journey of initiation and was one of the most profound, touching, healing, holy, heartfelt experiences of my life." 

"I've been in and out of 14 treatment centers, I have experienced "highs" and "healings" from many renowned teachers and leaders, only to regress back to my old addictions and behaviors. I couldn't have kept my sobriety without my SoulHealing sessions with Parashakti. She is a true master whose pure unconditional love, insight and healing helped to create miraculous transformations in my life. Through Dance of Liberation I reconnected with my body and my authentic movement. Through working with Parashakti I have a daily spiritual practice that brings out my true essence and light."  

“I started working with Parashakti one on one and attending Dance of Liberation workshops at a time when I felt my life had been taken off course and I was trying rediscover what my mission was. Through Parashakti's 5 month Birthing the Shaman Within teacher training program, immersing myself in living the 7 foundations of DOL, I found the framework and tools to have the courage to change my career." 

“Parashakti is masterful at involving trust through the Goddess.”

“What I’ve experienced is life-changing and transforming. Where I felt separated within myself, I feel more connected.”

“This is the most powerful work I’ve done. I feel present in my body and show up with more of me.”

“How I see the world and my place in it is with a greater sense of wholeness drawing to me. I have eternal gratitude. Parashakti gave me years on my life. This work takes compelling commitment.”

“Every session has brought growth, courage to take a step with confidence, courage to be vulnerable, courage to let my patterns go, courage to let my energy join with others’ energy, the universal energy.”

“Parashakti communicates well & that makes it easier to relax and trust the process. The level of care and nurturing helped me to open, relax and allow. There was great flow to the workshop and it was very well organized.”

“Dance of Liberation is a dance of peace, and has introduced me to my spirit – all over again, brand new, unveiled, supported yet soaring free yet protected, light and dark.”