Sacred Objects

Symbol Meaning of Dancing Feathers
by Parashakti and Mariposa

Dancing Feathers began in Arizona when I was invited to co-facilitate One World Spirit Dance, a seven day Dance-of-All-Nations. I began collecting “random” feathers that “fell” on my path. Every year I would receive a gift from Nature – a feather. Each feather had great symbolism of sacred power and healing. Through the feathers I connected back to the earth and began to hear the message of ancient wisdom, love, grace, trust and inner truth. The feathers became the conduit of freedom. Henceforth, the Dance of Liberation took flight. I began using the feathers in my SoulHealing sessions and in dance ceremonies.

Feathers have universal symbolic meanings and are recognized by tribes and traditions worldwide. Feathers have a language of their own. I listen and intuitively design a map that will hold all of your intentions and prayers. The Dancing Feathers mission is to awaken your wings of communication to all your visions and intentions to soar with unlimited power. We use a combination of materials that include feathers, semi-precious stones, sterling silver, found objects and much more to make earrings, necklaces, spiritual mobiles and a variety of other unique accessories.

To order you handmade, unique creation by Parashakti and Mariposa, please call 917 478 5536. You will receive a 30 minute mini phone session & consultation with Parashakti to conceptualize the piece. Within 2-3 weeks your Dancing Feathers piece will be shipped to you for your enjoyment. Prices range from $50 and up (this includes your session with Parashakti).