Sweat Lodges

“Its like going to Synagogue” – merging with All of Creation

INIPI – Sweat Lodge – Purification – Prayer – Release – Vision – Healing

In our retreats & trainings we purify ourselves in a traditional sweat lodge. Enter into the Mothers womb to be born again is a unique experience & true initiation.

The sacred songs that are shared in the lodge, honor the earth, our ancestors, family, friends and all creature beings. Four rounds, each round symbolizing a focused Intention of healing.

A map of the Soul opens each door, with a “break” to invite in the Grandfathers; the heated rocks are cooking in the fire. The door to the lodge once again closes and the pouring of the blessed water on the stones, creates steam and intensifies our prayers in the pitch dark. We no longer sit in the dark, our inner light brings forth the silence of new vision.

Letting go of inner issues, self-limitations and fears, as a congregation we sing for our lives in dedication of peace, transformation, renewal and service. By praying for others – you are praying for yourself.

The energy builds as we enter into the last round, the responsibility and innate wisdom we are closing ceremony with. Each participant is asked to verbalize a commitment they walk away with. Each one witnessed, we humbly crawl out renewed, in guidance and rhythm with all of life’s Creation.

Looking forward to sweating our prayers together,