Detox and Cleansing

5-Day Liberation Detox and Cleanse

Fasting detoxifies the body and facilitates internal cleansing while producing a powerful time of contemplation and personal transformation. Parashakti & the Liberation team lead participants through a 5-day Detox that includes a juice cleanse, yoga, meditation, dance, group process, journal writing and a one-on-one SoulHealing® Session. Parashakti & the Liberation staff offer support and guidance through the process of releasing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual toxins to help clarify, strengthen and empower intentions in order to ultimately manifest them.

Day One – The Opening Ceremony solidifies participant’s intentions as they begin their journey on a week of personal transformation. Setting intentions deepens our commitment to creating change in our lives.

Day Two – An introduction to spiritual nutrition educates the participant on the science of Juice Cleansing.

Day Three & Four – The core of the Intensive, the next two evenings are dedicated to learning how to live this transformation as a lifestyle. Through yoga, meditation, dance, group process and one on one SoulHealing® Sessions, we strengthen and empower our intentions in order to ultimately manifest them.

Day Five – The ceremony concludes with a Dance of Liberation® where our bodies and minds become a unified, spiritual force.

Liberation Love Grace Juice cleansing program

Liberation Love Grace Juice cleansing program ~Nurturing the Hungry Soul ~ Juicing to Thrive for Optimum Health & Wellbeing!

DANCE the Glow!

designed to keep the body energized, alkaline, and nutritionally fulfilled!

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