Soul Mate Ceremony

People are attracted into our life according to the energetic vibration we cultivate within ourselves. Only in wholeness can we magnetize whole relationships into our lives. In a series of SoulHealing® Sessions with Parashakti, liberate yourself for new love by stating your intentions while releasing fears, scarcity and past relationships. Visualize your soul mate and invite fulfillment, happiness, warmth, meaning and unconditional love into your life.

This program includes a 5-Day Juice Cleanse, one 1-Hour Session with a Spiritual Nutritionist and four 1-Hour SoulHealing® Sessions with Parashakti.

Wedding Ceremony

Reflect your spirituality and love for one another in a meaningful, spiritual wedding ceremony. Begin the process by working together with Parashakti to understand your personal belief system and your intentions for this sacred bond. Be guided on the deeper meanings and symbolism of your choices for your special day. Parashakti will beautifully and respectfully blend facets of your two backgrounds together into one unique spiritual ceremony bringing two families closer together in an unforgettable exchanging of vows.

Meet with Parashakti both together and separately for three 1-hour SoulHealing® Sessions in addition to the Rehearsal and Wedding Ceremonies.

“We wanted a wedding that would transcend traditional religious ritual and instead tap into a greater spiritual wholeness that encompassed everything we believed in. Parashakti helped achieve that in the most incredible fashion. Our wedding ceremony incorporated Native American ritual, Jewish prayers, Christian hymns, and even Opera! Our wedding was three years ago and we still get people who tell us it was the most moving, most fun wedding they have ever attended.”
~ Audrey & David

Baby Naming Ceremony

A person’s name is something they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Selecting a baby’s name is an important and often difficult decision for many parents. Through a series of spiritual counseling sessions, receive guidance in the selection of the perfect baby name. Complete this process by honoring your child’s arrival and their new name with a sacred ritual led by Parashakti.

Meet with Parashakti both together and separately for one 90 Minute SoulHealing® Session, two 1-hour SoulHealing® Sessions in addition to the Baby Naming Ceremony.