Upcoming Retreats

Dear Retreaters! 

Dance of Liberation is a sacred ceremony that carries strong medicine.  I am excited to take the DANCE into Retreat settings!There is an invitation and an opportunity in our upcoming evolutionary excursions to delve deep into the Dance where you can process the old and let go of orientations and paradigms that hinder from growing; unleash your most authentic selves and birth something new! This continual rebirthing honors our soul’s true direction ~ on the beautiful universal dance floor of life! Dance soon!



March 19 - April 12: Dance in the Holy LanD

SoulHealing® are private intuitive healing sessions birthed out of apprenticeships with my Native American Elders. SoulHealing® is a pathway for discovering the soul’s deeper meanings and life mission. The process involves one-on-one spiritual counseling, hands-on healing, breath work, and a sacred path card reading based in Native American wisdom teachings. An integrative approach to release old patterns, thoughts and addictions and to awaken the human spirit. Creating a sacred space for you to explore a liberating sense of self-awareness, wholeness and joy.


April 2017: ALIVE with Kjord Davis and Parashakti

DIVE into you and learn how to THRIVE so you can experience what it means to be ALIVE. 

Parashakti is founder of Dance of Liberation and is a shamanic practitioner.  Kjord is owner and founder of Indigo Lab LA, a Kundalini yoga studio and conscious event company. Together we weave a tapestry of igniting conscious awareness in our healing work, classes, workshops, events and trainings.  We welcome you to experience a program tailored to you and your lifestyle.


May 6 - 13 A Womens Retreat ~ QOYA and Dance of Liberation in Guatemala

Do you ever ask yourself:

How can I slow down and go deeper?

How can I stay present and awake for my own life? Retreat with us and discover the wisdom of what already dances inside of you! Register and receive a complimentary SoulHealing session, to schedule your private session 917 478 5536


June 2017: DIVE THRIVE ALIVE with Kjord Davis and Parashakti

DIVE into you and learn how to THRIVE so you can experience what it means to be ALIVE: Level 2

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June 29 - July 2: DOL at the Emerge Yoga Festival Laurentian Valley, Ontario, Canada

Join us and experience a world renowned lineup of yoga and meditation instructors, musicians, workshops and speakers. Emerge into transformation at Eastern Ontario’s wilderness farm resort. Emerge into your new adventure. 


July 5 - AugUST 16: A 7 week Vision Quest for Liberation Program

For more info and application details please email: dancofliberation2017@gmail.com



AUGUST 25 - AUG 27: Transformational Movement, Dance, and Ritual ~ A Women’s Festival for Embodiment and Empowerment at kripalu

Increase your ability to stay present in your body and find your true essence with Toni Bergins of JourneyDance, Rochelle Sheik of Qoya, and Parashakti of Dance of Liberation. This powerful collaboration of evolutionary soul transformation calls you to gather on the dance floor and remember the truth that lives deep in the wisdom of your body.