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Parashakti – Dance of Liberation

The First Annual Sulha Benefit Concert For Peace In New York City

World Music
Tuesday, October 14th 2008
New York City will serve as the backdrop for the first annual Sulha Benefit Concert for Peace on November 8. Sulha is a non-profit organization working to develop a culture of peaceful co-existence and equality amongst Israelis, Arabs, Jews and Muslims. The concert, centered around Sulha’s founder Gabriel Meyer Halevy, will celebrate these efforts and bring together a group of ethnically and religiously diverse musicians and speakers from all over the world including acclaimed actress Debra…

Forever Dancing

Essence of Life
Monday, February 25th 2008
Even at four years Parashakti was placing her hands on people and feeling what they feel. "In a way intuition was always the essence of the way I lived my life," tells Parashakti. Despite coming from a family of academics she never considered an academic career as an option for dance was her true call. She pursued dancing in high school being part of an alternative performing arts curriculum. "I couldn't stay in a regular school, I would sit in class and kind of fly," she says. After finis…

God Is in the Deltoids

New York Magazine
Saturday, May 21st 2005
On a Tuesday evening in a dance studio on the fourth floor of the Spirit club, a “mind-body-soul” center in West Chelsea, a crowd of 90 women in belly-baring tank tops and yoga pants and men in baggy T-shirts and running shorts ready themselves for a workout. Some stretch their hamstrings, others mark their territory on the studio floor with water bottles. Everyone is barefoot, including the instructor, Jonathan Horan, 34, who looks every bit the tanned and fit surf bum he once was.

Drugless Ecstasy

The Village Voice
Tuesday, May 4th 2004
"We're calling in the North, South, East, and West. We're calling in energy for the ancient shaman to awaken within us all," declares Parashakti, an Israeli shaman, as the aroma of smoldering sage drifts through Manhattan’s Be Yoga studio where she's leading her biweekly "Earthdance" workshop on a chilly Saturday. "Hey-ye, hey-ye, hey-ye, hey-yo, hey-ye, hey-ye, he-ey-yo," she begins chanting with pristine clarity. Twenty-odd participants gather around her, echoing the refrain, gearing them…

The New Age of Rave

Alok Holistic Health
Saturday, June 7th 2003
Kim Schmidt glistens with sweat as she dances, trancelike, to the repetitive beat coming from industrial-size speakers in the corner. It’s two hours past midnight in a loft in New York City’s Chelsea district, and more than a hundred blissed-out twenty somethings spin with her in the half light. Down a dark hall, in the “chill out” room, others sit—eyes closed, hands clasped—looking blank. What are these people on? — NOTHING, IT TURNS out.