Epic Eden Hot Springs Retreat

Eden Hot Springs is a magical place to enhance and empower yourself, your health, your life and your passions. The Epic Eden Hot Springs Retreats are co-created by many community leaders who have all personally experienced great transformation on the land and in the waters of Eden. Eden is truly a place to go to discover more of Yourself and to meet Your tribe.

Epic Eden Retreats combine the undeniable healing power of 7 geothermal hot spring pools, vortexes of the ancient land, sacred ceremonies, inspiring lectures and “play”shops, delectable cuisine, invigorating yoga, various modalities of dance and many optional healing services.

 The retreat curriculum at Eden invites you to activate many modalities of moving your body, opening your mind and discovering new things. It is a safe place to renew your creativity and tap into your full potential. This retreat time can also be utilized to relax deeply and commune with nature. Most importantly, it is an immersion into a community that is helping to create the new earth paradigm where connection, community support and living in harmony with nature are essential.