Dance of Liberation workshop at Omega

“I thank you all for creating the magic!! Luminous is unquestionably one of the most powerful and magical nights of my life. I have been to plenty upon plenty of events and this rates near the very top. The timing, flow and sensitivity to the space was spot on. The music and singing was intensely uplifting, sweet and angelic. The partner work was sincere, unforced and centering. The Dance of Liberation: blindfold dance was deeply awakening as the title suggests. I found myself moved in previously untapped ways. As if my core spirit was rising from the inside out. And to top it off the Gong really sealed the energy for the night with a roar. All in all, Magic was definitely in the air at Luminous, and the flow of the evening gracefully allowed for deep inner healing, laughter and my personal initiation. Thank you again to the team that made it possible. Aho”
– Zachariah Z Fisher

“I must say that this was by far the most creative, sensual, intimate and heart opening experience I ever had. I had moments that I wanted to cry, I had moments of connectivity and a blast of energy especially from the sound bath! I definitely feel that a layer of me had been dropped and felt reborn again. Knowing that I am surrounded by pure hearted people means the world to me and I thank each and every healer and performer!!!! I can’t wait to see u all again!!! Big Mahalo Nui Loa and Alo~ha!!!”
– Mai

What is the Dance, you ask?
For me, it has been a place where I can work on myself. Every session has brought growth, courage to take a step with confidence, courage to be vulnerable, courage to let my patterns go, courage to let my energy join with others’ energy, the universal energy. It has brought tears, and then the refusal to give into my tears. It has brought confidence to venture into the unknown. Our 3 guides on this journey are positively inspiring people in their own ways. They give us a glimpse into, something else. And they brought together a group of people who I have learned from, from each and every one…and from the oneness of us. Thank you truly for what you have offered to us. – Julie Wright

Dance is so much a part of who I am. That makes it a perfect vehicle for me to discover the mysterious and sometimes inscrutable unknown.

I am drawn to Shamanism, but felt I had no point of entry until I read the description of this class. I felt welcomed and seen by the holders of the space. Parashakti is masterful at involving trust through the Goddess. I felt the deep connection that Purnima brought to everything she brought to us. Blessed sister.

My instincts were right. This has been the perfect class for me. I feel so blessed by the work, the people, Omega, this time. So many powerful forces are guiding us all right now. That I fin myself in the company of such powerful and heart centered women gives me great hope for my life and for all the lives we touch from the center of ourselves. Thank you. – Linda

This has been an amazing experience of weaving together the amazing wisdom coming from various traditions. But most of all, I understand that the wisdom is already within each of ourselves – it is just about the willingness to overcome fears and resistance to go to that place.

But when we do venture to the apparent unknown, which is really just deep inside ourselves, then there is nothing to be afraid of.

To use dance as healing brings me back to the beginning; the heartbeat, the vibrancy of time and essential nature. Back to the abundant joy and blissful state that loves to come out and play.

With gratitude, Alice

Beloved Sisters,

I came here to dance with no expectations – just knowing that I love to dance. The wonderful surprise was “returning home” (my sacred path card) to myself and my dance for and to me. To embrace, to re-affirm the magnificent human being that I am and we all are. You each brought such presence and so many presents to us – what a great team you are! Having co-facilitators, each with your own unique gifts, talents and personality, made the experience even richer. The music was beyond words – a rich tapestry of universal energy – well, chosen. Best of all, you sisters are standing in your power. Dance the dance, women.

p.s. the asana's and instructors were perfect. Weaving the yogic tradition into the sacred dance was wonderful for me.

Dance of Liberation is a dance of peace, and has introduced me to my spirit – all over again, brand new, unveiled, supported yet soaring free yet protected, light and dark. Dancing with a group of amazing women and Mike has opened me up to seeing myself differently but also seeing the world a little differently. I feel the interconnectedness of the dance, to feel the drumming of my heart from the inside out, to feel the strings of various instruments playing, my body feels at one with the universe – at peace. Thank you!

What is the dance? “The soul finds it own language” – Parashakti

Yes, I had no idea what the Dance of Liberation was – but still, I wanted to come – that’s a mystery. I thank you for your courage and confidence keeping it a mystery and trusting we will come in – I think of dance in a few ways now – being blindfolded made me able to dance my own dance without the constraints of dancing with others – after all dancing with others involved dancing the dance and yours and dances of our ancestors – well worn steps – but the Dance of Liberation is each of our dances – yes, we’ve learned from others, from our ancestors – but it’s our dance at that moment of time.

Paradoxically, the Dance of Liberation is most certainly a dance with others – the feeling that friends in the room are dancing to the same music – in harmony – a probably chaotic harmony with you – invisible to the eye – heartfelt. What a mystery! Thanks! I have to leave it at that.

I came with no expectations. It was a great gift to me to be the only man in a room full of woman. It was the gift that I need. The female energy is what I need to nurture in myself. It was an honor to bless Parashakti with the poem “The Dance,” which was written from the depths of my soul. Thank you for everything. – Mike

Rewriting my soul’s contract – I am so grateful this is how the weekend was introduced to us on Friday. I felt like road kill before I got here and now I’m like an eagle soaring high. First time I put on the blindfold and danced, I received guidance that the pain and suffering I’ve been feeling is because I’ve been out of agreement with my life – my soul’s contract. Saturday I sat with that wisdom and looked for ways to understand it more deeply; understanding and accepting how things are, so that I could be free to change them. When you are blindfolded and dancing, there is no room for denial. Everything is. The people who did this weekend with me are just amazing. 24 hours into the retreat and I was already in a space of openness & gratitude – miles from where I had come from previously. People have told me I’m glowing; even Parashakti & Purnima are very clear facilitators. They communicate well & that makes it easier to relax and trust the process. The level of care and nurturing, especially during the yoga (which was challenging for me) helped me to open, relax and allow. There was great flow to the weekend and it seemed very well put together and organized. Jennifer and the other helpers were super nice too. Thank you, thank you, thank you. – Diane Kolack

For me the Dance of Liberation is the other side of the approach to dancing that I’ve learned all my life. Training in ballet, the focus is completely external – how it looks to others, creating illusion. Even if it hurts, make it look effortless. This dance is the opposite – not about getting applause from others or competing. The profound part of this dancing was letting it be entirely about me, my body, what it felt like, how it related to the music and to the space. It was about getting out of my head and into pure experience. And, a good deal of what I was stuck by, was my ability to trust that I would be taken care of, that the promise that the gatekeepers would be there was true and when it didn’t happen perfectly, and I bumped into someone or something, I was able to let that go quickly and get back into a trusting place. I really enjoyed the combination of yoga, writing, ceremony and dance. Though I am disappointed that we didn’t dance on the last day, I think longer dance sessions would have worked better after the initial blindfolded experience.

Dance of Liberation

Makes me realize that part of being authentic is protecting myself. Restraint doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m denying my expression. It is my expression in that moment. The dance reinforced the idea that I contain many facets, and honoring all of them is important.

Loved the weekend. Thank you!

Would have enjoyed more of hearing how others experienced the dance.

You and all of your staff have the coolest, most loving vibe. Really loved spending the time/experience with you.

Totally amazing. If there was any doubt that past had me here receiving the truth from an indigenous person was complete confirmation. The 1st card I picked was whirling rainbow – 18. Me, my son, and his dad are all born on the 18th and now I received 10 – my birthday is 10/18. I had received before a vision of a turtle as the totem of my heart. I respected the turtle because it retreated into its shell. But through the dreams and visions I have embraced turtle. Now I live as a volunteer, carry my home on my back. My path has bent toward indigenous wisdom, ancient wisdom of people whose senses were attained to the maternal world. I can’t express how special it’s been to receive these cards from a native Hawaiian (Purnima) – what a confirmation.

And to see the retreat into the shell as going within to inner wisdom. And it’s a sea turtle, all this has such significance. The dance, blindfolded, trust, safety. I am safe, at last. Trust, a big issue in my life now around my son whom I felt betrayed by. For a year, but really longer, I have been learning this, opening again to trust, learning to walk in the dark, challenging myself to go into caves. This has been another process to grow my trust, learn to not just walk, but dance in the dark and to be okay with what I bump into, and maybe now, choose to relate to what I bump into rather than run away.