Dance of Liberation – the Movie

As a spiritual leader, Parashakti has helped to transform many lives. In addition to soul healing and other supportive practices, she has developed and branded a ritualistic movement called Dance of Liberation™. Using the freeing power of blindfolds to help participants tap into their innermost visions, Parashakti has guided over 10,000 people on a spiritual journey through dance.

Having planted the seeds of a movement in New York and Los Angeles, Parashakti sets out to take the Dance global – but along the way, recognizes a need to look inward. As she embarks on the journey to bring healing, connection, and liberation to a global community, Parashakti finds out she must learn to heal from within – seeking out and integrating spiritual modalities from wisdom leaders around the world.

From Debbie Ford and John Perkins to Alex and Alyson Grey; from Emilie Conrad to Dr. Joe Dispenza; Shiva Rea to Sharon Gannon & David Life, these leaders will help to deepen, illuminate, and expand upon key elements of the Dance, including the Power of Intention, the Breath, the Blindfold, and Returning Home. At the same time, these individual elements begin to take on a personal meaning as Parashakti discovers their relevance to her own emotional, spiritual, and everyday path.

Dance of Liberation™ places a great emphasis on the importance of lineage and listening to the Elders, following Parashakti’s intensive work with Native American healing practices and elders. But her own history, born with the Hebrew name Sigalit, to a Jewish family in Israel, begins to call her back. Having developed her career in the US, she realizes that in order to complete her own healing, she must return to Israel to reconnect with her father. He has undergone his own, very different spiritual journey, becoming a deeply religious Jew later in life, remarrying at age 40, and subsequently raising seven children. Parashakti seeks connection with him, but a deeper union between the two worlds doesn’t come easy.

Throughout the documentary, the Dance of Liberation™ becomes more than just a tool for helping others. It becomes a metaphor, as Parashakti learns to let go of her old stories and strives to take on something new. As she brings healing and transformation to dancers seeking their own true paths, she comes to uncover her own.

Dance of Liberation – the Movie, has been produced by Back 9 Studios