Apprenticeship Program

Module One: Gatekeeper

Gatekeepers are trained by Parashakti support and facilitate in Dance of Liberation. The Gatekeepers services are to assist Parashakti and the drummers to greet dancers, perform a ritual purification ceremony with sage and offer mini-healing sessions. Gatekeepers help dancers clarify their intention for their dance ceremony and provide safety while dancing blindfolded. A Gatekeeper is a prerequisite to the Birthing the Shaman Within Program.

The Gatekeeper program is six weeks long and involves participating in:

  1. One on one SoulHealing® session with Parashakti
  2. Dance of Liberation® classes
  3. Assisting Parashakti in Dance of Liberation® classes
  4. Completion of 30 hours of service

Module Two: Birthing the Shaman Within

Birthing the Shaman Within Program is a commitment to intensive learning and training. In this 12 week program, the trainee works with Parashakti, Wisdom Teachers and Elders to explore and develop their own unique healing modalities and initiate the teacher within. The Birthing the Shaman Within Program is a prerequisite to the Dance of Liberation® Teacher Training.

This is a 12 week program and includes:

  • 12 one on one SoulHealing® Sessions
    • Session One: Invocation
    • Session Two: Shamanic Journey
    • Session Three: Sacred Path Contract
    • Session Four: Purification
    • Session Five: Animal Spirit Journey
    • Session Six: Ancestral Blessing
    • Session Seven: Altar building
    • Session Eight: Rites of Passage
    • Session Nine: Medicine Wheel Journey
    • Sessions Ten: Review of Teachings
    • Session Eleven: Review of Teachings
    • Session Twelve: Closing Ceremony
  • 12 Dance of Liberation Classes
  • 5 day Liberation Detox & Cleanse
  • 1 Full Moon Ceremony with Elders
  • 1 Pipe Ceremony with Elders
  • Completion of 60 hours of service
  • A special Closing Ceremony with the Dance to Retrieve Lost Parts of the Soul.

Module Three: Dance of Liberation ® Teacher Training

Dance of Liberation® Teacher Training program is exclusively for graduates of both the GateKeepers training and Apprenticeship program. This year long program includes hands on training in ‘The History and Study of Shamanism’, ‘Traditional Shamanic Healing Techniques’ ‘Shamanic Jouneying’ and ‘Teachings of the Medicine Wheel’. In addition, students will become skilled at spiritual nutrition, fasting, invocations, breathwork, chanting, creative writing, community building, musical instruments as healing tools, grounding techniques, ways of holding sacred space and the science of the brain in altered states of consciousness. This Teacher Training program prepares you to become a teacher of the ritual art of Dance of Liberation.

This is a yearlong program and includes:

  • 36 one on one SoulHealing® Training Sessions
  • 7 day Spirit Dance in Arizona
  • 1 Sweat Lodge
  • 7 day fast with Dr. Gabriel Cousens
  • 1 Fire ceremony
  • 5 day Liberation Detox and Cleanse
  • 2 Full Moon Ceremonies
  • 2 Pipe Ceremonies
  • Naraya – 3 Day Native American Ceremony
  • Completion of 240 hours of service
  • 12 Shamanic Journeying group phone sessions