"If you want to leave footprints
in the sands of time,
DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!" ~ Parashakti

Born in Jerusalem, Israel, and descended from a long line of spiritual teachers. Exploring the essence of spirit and dance from the age of four, Parashakti moved to the United States, where she spent two years studying yoga and living at the ashrams of Integral Yoga. While at the ashram she began her studies of Trance Dance™ with Shaman Wilbert Alix, this drew her to the wisdom circles of Native American ceremonies. Both of these profound in depth teachings and inspiration led her to develop the powerful, life-changing process known as Dance of Liberation™. Dance of Liberation integrates shamanic journeying, hands-on healing, drumming, global music and the use of a blindfold to dissolve participants’ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blockages.

Parashakti has worked with over 10,000 dancers from around the world and led workshops and retreats at some of the world’s leading holistic centers including: The Tree of Life (Arizona), Esalen Institute (California), Jivamukti Yoga School and the Omega Institute (New York), Alexis Zorbas Retreat Center (Greece), Zorba Festival (Israel) Ubud (Bali).

Parashakti has co – produced a full feature documentary: Dance of Liberation. And had the World premier at the Albuquerque film festival in 2011. The film is now in the hands of the Wolper Organization and is being reedited.


Parashakti's mission is to open the possibility for people to achieve a liberating sense of wholeness and joy through the fluid, healing, and exhilarating integration of body, mind and spirit.