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Welcome to the Dance of Liberation, a vision of healing, dedication, and action. My own journey of self-discovery has taken me through many Spirit dances in Arizona, Peru, Israel, Bali, Greece and doing extended fasts in the desert. I am blessed to have journeyed with leading teachers & elders that co created a self reflective body, mind and spirit map to follow with easy steps, basic transforming methods for the pathway of reconnecting to your mission in life.

I was given a vision to bring this work into a format so that you can experience the wisdom and magic of the deserts, jungles and sacred space in your own lives, creating a living temple within. I am excited to share the sacred medicine path through our workshops, retreats , apprenticeship program & one on one individual programs.

My mission is to share the journey that was passed down to me by my Elders. My goal is to prepare you to become a leader, facilitator, invocator, seer, and carrier of your personal medicine. There is something very big that we’re all going to share together! If you are not on our mailing list sign up now and Experience a transformational lifestyle. An Invitation to the Dance of Life!!!!

Yours In Good Health & Transformation,